The Dark Web: Why it’s Bad for the Teenagers?

“Knowledge is a tricky thing”, well of course it’s an ambiguous phrase but it definitely has the most significant meaning here. Talking about the modern era, everyone has access to the internet, anyone can seek the info about any stuff, ideologies & so on. Well, gaining knowledge is never erroneous, on the contrary it may mislead one.

When we say internet, the first aspect which comes to our mind is social media, web browser, etc. sticking to the context, a web browser is classified into three different categories, SURFACE WEB, DEEP WEB and DARK WEB. Dark web, beyond the regular world of all the accessible internet, lies a world of hidden platforms & communities used by only the darkest and most sinister of individuals. The main question is why it’s bad for the teenagers? The dark web is a locale to commit several types of crime anonymously. A teenager, one who is basically new to this internet world doesn’t know much ‘bout what’s right or wrong, they are fond of things which they like. The dark web is a host for marketplaces that allow vendors to sell illegal items to consumers using Bitcoin rather than actual money. For someone, who’s in seek for fun and excitement would obviously want to give this one a shot, drowning them into the ocean of crimes. Dark web promotes all kinds of illegal activities such as selling drugs, animal pornography, slaughtering, physical tortures, assassination & much more. The stuff that they’ve there can turn a normal human being into a psychopath. There have been arguments that the dark web promotes civil liberties, like “free speech, privacy, anonymity”, on the contrary the brawls was proven wrong. There was an incident happened on 15th March 2019, when two consecutive mass shootings occurred at mosques in a terrorist attack in Christchurch, New Zealand. The attack was carried out by a single masked man, he then uploaded the video on Dark web which actually went viral & later it was taken down by the government but in meanwhile several teenagers went in a state of revulsion while few joined their forces, stepping into the ocean of crimes.

Concluding my article, I beseech everyone to avoid steeping foot into Dark web, even if you are curious about it.