Quarantined Life

Quarantined   Life

The Positive Side

The most beautiful thing about pauses in life is that they beautify the monotonicity. It’s been a year since quarantine and every day of it has no been no less than an opportunity to explore ourselves. Nobody knew until quarantine that each one of us had a chef, an enthusiastic singer, and a holistic painter deep down. The quality time spent with family and friends after years was no less than a boon for everyone.

Importance of quarantine

 Quarantine taught us the importance of disconnecting and enjoying our own selves, celebrating the fact that we are breathing and relishing every moment of being alive. It showed us that nothing is for granted and that nothing is permanent, and that how important it is for mankind to be humble and grateful every day. It showed us that in spite of owning nuclear bombs and various deadly weapons we can never be more powerful than mother nature when a single-celled, invisible entity brought everybody’s life, the entire country, the entire world to a standstill. Covid has actually been a blessing in disguise for everyone one way or the other in terms of self-realization, in terms of self-evaluation in terms of treating the most important thing about life as life itself. 

How vgroz contribute during quarantine

 Vgroz stands beside you holding your hands to help you cherish quarantine every single day. The workaholic team pledges to provide you all your essentials right at the comfort of your home. We stand by your motto of VOCAL FOR LOCAL connecting small-scale shopkeepers and providing a one-stop platform where they need to meet the needy. We objectify to grow our family and be associated with your activities throughout the day right from your first sip of coffee to your last dessert. The surging cases of active patients have posed an alarming situation for all of us and quarantine has definitely not been a cake bite for everyone. Therefore, to lessen the woes we bring to you the best products at the best prices possible.

Our Vision

 WE BELIEVE THAT WITH EXPLOSIVE HARDWORK FUELLED WITH PATIENCE AND PERSEVERANCE WE will be able to amplify our goal of winning a place in the hearts of our consumers.