Online Classes” OR “ Zero Academic Session?

Online Classes” OR “ Zero Academic Session?

The demand for a zero academic year is one of the most controversial topics in this pandemic. The online classes going on now are an emulation of real classrooms, and also a travesty of education.

Moreover, the availability of digital devices continues to cause an enormous gap in society. It is during this context that the demand for this year to be considered a zero academic year is emerging from various quarters of society. But do you think that this would be the right choice, keeping in mind the quality education as well as the career of students?

If students are not able to successfully complete an academic year, it deprives them of the basics to progress to higher levels. But this is a unique situation in which no student is able to complete the minimum requirements for getting promoted to the next level. This is where the discussion of the zero academic years comes into play. A zero academic year makes all students eligible to proceed to subsequent stage without any screening. To put it a little more clearly, zero academic year means giving everyone the right to enter the next level without the mandated teaching-learning process. Yes! you read it right, it’s just as jumping to the next level without going through the evaluation process.

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What is currently going on as part of online education is only digital copying of the teaching process in the classroom, where a teacher teaches and students watch remotely. Better than zero academic but yet again this is one sort of real struggle faced by everyone who’s part of this, be it teachers or students.

I don’t remember the last day when I actually used my brain to solve any question, it’s now been a habit to Google even the simplest question. Can anyone imagine a doctor that has worked on patients and bodies online? An electrical engineer without going through the stacks of wires and circuits practically?

And of course a chemical engineer without visiting chemical labs? Recently the 10th board exams were canceled, I repeat “canceled” Was that fair enough with the Students? In my perspective, it’ll be dead hectic for them to go through the higher concepts without knowing the basics. I completely agree that the situation is critical and the decision is taken to keep our safety first, but there would be much better options rather than canceling the examinations.

We live in an age of information technology. The main challenge face by students is not the availability of knowledge but the abundance of knowledge. Therefore, the most important skill required is not to memorize the answers but to summarize the answers to each question and use them in the way we want. The tests should not ask questions that can be taken from books and various sources of knowledge. The questions should be set to know interpretation, analysis, critique, creativity, and problem-solving ability. It is important to form sure that the answers to such questions aren’t available in several sources. Only then will teachers be ready to confirm the utility of their question. At an equivalent time, when evaluating such questions, teachers got to relate to students during a way that identifies their spontaneous literary genre .

The work of learning must be transformed into a variety of mental activities such as discovery, analysis, assessment, and evaluation of information. The time has come for the educational authorities to start working on reconstructing the syllabus and the evaluation process by prioritizing the skill and the quality knowledge gained by the students.