How COVID-19 changed our lives

It would be an understatement to suggest that the new coronavirus (COVID-19)  epidemic has revolutionised the planet.  

Have you ever imagined being able to glimpse the blue sky from your city’s  buildings? Or spend that much time with your family, playing carrom boards,  ludo, and cooking together. 

Have you ever thought about how much you care about your personal hygiene?  Hand sanitization every hour, keeping a safe distance from other people, and  wearing masks for hours. 

No, we had never been through it before, and we will not go through it again.  However, I believe the behaviours that COVID has instilled in us will remain a long  time. The individual who does not even wash his hands after returning home now  takes a bath before touching anything in the house. We are now concerned about  our health. We are increasingly consuming vitamin-rich fruits.

Students who were constantly active in their day-to-day routine, the school then  tuitions sports club and after a day full of stress and weariness, the nights with  eyes on blues (mobile phones). They now have more time to discover themselves,  developing new interests and hobbies such as art and singing, among others. 

Also, our parents, who were busy all day and slept without a talk at night. They  are now able to spend time together discovering love. 

From American to Indian Culture- Remember when we used to connect our hands  and say namaste to everyone? That period has returned to the trend. Meeting  with a handshake and embraces is no longer fashionable. We’ve returned to the  era of our parents and grandparents. 

From stay positive to remain negative- We’ve been told for years that if we stay  optimistic, everything will turn out OK. That statement has now been altered to  be negative, not in your opinion, but in the COVID test case. But, in today’s world,  when people are no longer secure and you can’t trust anyone, being optimistic is  the most difficult effort. 

However, being optimistic is the only way to live a happy life these days, but  being negative in some situations is also an option. 

Starbucks switches to homemade coffee- Starbucks, where we sit to converse and  relax while occasionally holding a superb cup of coffee in our hands, has now  gone low. We like homemade coffee, which tastes even better than coffee from  expensive coffee shops. 

Also, some hands become so clever that they are now producing the finest coffee  in the globe while suffering from an illness. Some people learn how to cook for  themselves. Others learn to create quick meals, and some even get to the position  of chief. 

From late morning to early nights- We were all accustomed to rising up late in the  morning and dressing quickly in order to be at the workplace on time, then after  working all day, visiting the bar, having supper late, and sleeping late at night.  COVID has programmed us to get up early and do things we would never do in our 

former lives. And because we get up early, we also get a good night’s sleep. We  are all aware that this is the most important thing to do in order to live a healthy  life. Many people effectively eliminate their dark circles, treat their back  discomfort, and do a variety of other things. 

Work From Home- Many people turn out to be this, but many more have  ambitions of making it a reality. COVID turns out to be of assistance to them.  Those who do not want to dress formally, sit on a 4-wheeled chair for the entire  day in front of a screen, and eat a half-cold lunch in the break are now living the  good life. 

They are free to sit whenever they wish. They even work while lying in their beds.  Yes, it is true that working from home is difficult, but any change takes time to  adjust to. This will also be implemented soon. 

The conclusion is that it was and still is dependent on us, for someone. COVID  turned out to be something that arrived like a tsunami and ruined everything, and  now he can’t do anything, but for someone, it turned out to be an opportunity  that he had been waiting for a long time where he could work on himself. 

Everything changed when COVID was introduced. This world has altered in the  same way that we have. And how we adapt, and how quickly we adapt, is all up to  us.