Online grocery in Ranchi

VGROZ- "Together We Grow"

VGROZ is a new venture in the field of Online Shopping, it stands tall among all the shopping sites available. We abide the our principle of customer satisfaction and thereby emmanates a new definition of digitization . Vgroz is not only a shopping brand it's a promise in disguise ,a new notion, a new initiative ,a different platform to add on to the assets of the nation. Concerning the present scenario of despair and pandemic we abide by our promise and stand beside our customers to win the battle with a primordial body .Now ,today when there are millions and millions of startups what makes us different is our roots our crew members are associated with middle class Indian households on a personal level and understand the challenges faced by a common man. We totally respect the WHO guidelines and therefore ensure social distancing with hygienic working conditions .Our workaholic team is engaged and engrossed in the business to give unadulterated services as far as possible to be at par with the health of our customers.

The entire idea of the startup is clearly illustrated in our symbol itself which manifests the pledge of helping people who have the responsibility of the entire households on their shoulder and we salute such people .We are considerate about everything and stand by our responsive attitude . Further ,we gauge our profits not by financial meters but by the no. of hearts in which we have been able to instill a sense of trust and love for Vgroz. We strongly applaud the small scale workers and stand by their sides to encourage them to uplift their business by associating with the market we provide them platforms to showcase their talents so that the smallest of efforts made by them directly enables country growth . Moreover ,our patriotic approach has enabled us to encourage the handicrafts to prevent them from diminishing .The beauty quotient of the startup has been increased by the participation and engagement displayed by the public.Lastly, we strongly condemn fake and honour the truth .You can trust us and try us we promise to come up to your expectations and prove our mettle in the field of online shopping .Vgroz gives back to each community which it serves. Learn more about the vgroz Foundation and our commitment to fight hunger within the jharkhand. Every Day Low Price (EDLP) is that the cornerstone of our strategy, and our price focus has never been stronger. Today's customer seeks the convenience of one-stop shopping that we provide . From grocery and entertainment to sports equipment and crafts, stationery and jewellery we offer the deep assortment that our customers appreciate — whether they're shopping online at, through during all one amongst one in every of" one among our mobile apps or shopping in a store.

Our Vison: What started small, with one discount house and therefore the simple idea of selling more for fewer , has grown over the previous couple of months into the most important retailer in Jharkhand & Bihar. Each week, nearly 500 customers and members visit approximately my stores online under eCommerce websites. With financial year 2020 , Vgroz may be a startup in India which require all of your support and blessings to be world's largest platform for all retailers, wholesalers, customers and each individual as a neighborhood of this enterprise worldwide in future year . Vgroz continues to be a pacesetter in sustainability, corporate philanthropy and employment opportunity. It’s all a part of our unwavering commitment to making opportunities and bringing value to customers and communities round the country and worldwide in future year. A startup or start-up may be a company or project initiated by an entrepreneur to hunt , effectively develop, and validate a scalable business model. While entrepreneurship refers to all or any new businesses, including self-employment and businesses that never shall become registered, startups ask the new businesses that shall grow large beyond the solo founder. Startups face high uncertaintyand have high rates of failure, but a minority of them do continue to achieve success and influential.Some startups become unicorns, i.e. privately held startup companies valued at over US$1 billion. Here Vgroz may be a startup started on 2nd June with a view to make together uniformity and availability of you and us together at one platform with all our needs during this situation so you'll get your future results back to normal together with your own personal management and knowledge in getting general things at one point E-commerce website

We bring for you with best quality products without any modification or adulteration. The products are verified products and assured for best quality for our customers of Online Grocery in . Our aim is to deliver our service that reach out to the customers at every corner of the city. Staple food varies from place to place but it is invariably food that is inexpensive and easily available Online Grocery In . Shopping from online grocery will save your time and energy required physically to go to the grocery store and will also save fuel and save environment. Buying from grocery stores can be really time-taking and standing in queue can take long hours. We provide complete grocery service with additional products in at best minimum prices. You can shop from the our site with comfort from your home because we deliver at your doorstep with maintaining safety and quality and assuring the best price. Our present service aims with delivery of foodgrains of best quality in ranchi. Foodgrains are the basic requirement of people irrespective of states taste and preparations. Adding fresh and healthy food habits to your diet is a great way to eat healthier. The healthy food consists of protein, fiber, iron, starch and so many other nutrients. we wish for your better health and well being. We promise you to provide our service at your home comfortablity.

Delivery information:-

Our full effort will be to deliver as soon as possible. However if you like you can tell us your preferred time for delivery.
Order received before 1600 Hrs will be delivered same day.
Orders received after 1600 Hrs will be delivered next morning/first half.
We have employed very competent crew for delivery.
We respect your privacy and security, You will receive a personal message when our crew is going for delivery.

We follow strict COVID19 guidelines for Safe delivery of our Service.

We make sure to take proper measures due to current pandemic situation as mentioned below:
1. Social distancing Measures
2. Online payment for Physical Distancing
3. Proper Sanitization of Products
4. Sanitization of Packets and Service men
5. Safe and Secure Delivery of Service
6. Wear Mask & Gloves to avoid contact
7. Delivery Service always equipped with above necessity & Sanitizer Bottle.

Digitization: We promote digital mode of payment even at your door steps to follow zero contact method. .Gradually we will cover all major cities.
We offer delivery all over . However there will be minimal delivery charges.
You suggestions are always welcome for improvement. Kindly contact us on phone or for your valuable feedback.